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Wednesday to Sunday
11AM to 3PM
Available for take out

Salatim  32
selection of market goodness with dips, pickles, falafel, olives and pita

Fattoush- Israeli salad, za'atar pita chips, halloumi   18
Loaded Latka- Garlic labneh, hard egg, gravlax, herring   22
Yogurt & Granola- Dried fruit, seeds, date syrup   14 
Israeli Breakfast Hummus- Falafel, fried egg, skhug, pickled onion 18

Roast Cauliflower- tahini, skhug, pine nuts, pomegranate, halloumi 
full 29 
half 17 
add two za'atar fried eggs 4 
Red Shakshuka- eggs, sweet & hot peppers, tomato, halloumi, challah 17 
Green Shakshuka- eggs, creamed spinach, schmaltz latka 22 
Spiced Beef Hash- poached eggs, tahini, harissa  19 
The Fat Sandwich- fried eggs, verscht, fried eggplant ,shakshuka sauce, challah  18 
Lox & Scramabled Eggs- everything bagel spice flatbread, caramalized onions 20 
Schmaltz Appetizing Platter for 2 
Fish salad, hard eggs, gravlax, capers, onions, tomato, cream cheese, bagels   32 
Sweet Things 
Babka French Toast- Nutella, maple syrup, whip cream, mint  18 
Challah Bread Pudding- Berry compote, Soom tahini  14 
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Seven days a week
5PM to Late
Available for take out

FALAFEL - tahini, smoked chipotle, lemon 14
OLIVES - pickled garlic, sesame seeds   8
LATKES - garlic labneh, grilled apple relish 12
FATTOUSH - Israeli salad, za'atar pita chips, halloumi  18
CHICKEN LIVER - a la sammies roumanian, Bonnie's challah  17  
salatim   32
selection of market goodness with dips, pickles, falafel, olives and pita
hummus and spreads
CLASSIC HUMMUS - chickpeas, smoked chipotle, lemon   15
LABNEH garlic fried burst cherry tomatoes, za’atar  15
TAHINI grilled sweet and hot peppers, bagel spice  14
CHOPPED EGGPLANT - lemon, tahini   14
SPICED BEEF HUMMUS- pine nuts, za'atar 17
CHICKEN SHAWARMA - sesame flatbread, apricot amba, pickled onion, labneh  26
WHOLE GRILLED FISH - chraime. lemon, herbs MP
FLAT IRON STEAK 10oz braised beans, cherry tomatoes, garlic, green sauce  32
ROASTED CHICKEN za’atar, labneh, harissa grilled eggplant  28
GRILLED SALMON baby gem, preserved lemon olive salsa, saffron aïoli  32
HONEY BRAISED LAMB SHANK - jus, jeweled couscous, almonds, herbs 40 
ROAST CAULIFLOWER - tahini, skhug, pine nuts, pomegranate, halloumi   29
KING OYSTER MUSHROOM AND SHISHITO - flatbread, garlic toum, dukkah  20
FRIED CRUSHED POTATOES - halloumi, chili, oregano 14
CRUSHED SQUASH - brown butter, dates, sage 15 
CHOCOLATE BABKA CHEESECAKE - orange zest, chocolate-cinnamon, walnuts $9 
APPLEJACK STACK CAKE - buttermilk anglaise, toasted walnuts $9
SAFFRON HONEY MILK CAKE - rose petals & pistachios $9 
Our entire menu is available for takeout & catering.
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